Musical creation with live coding workshop

Lina Bautista and Iván Paz

Friday 6 – Saturday July 7 2018 (to start the summer)

5pm to 8pm
From 8:00 pm on Saturday open session to the public

Plató and Sala Ricson, Hangar

Cost: 30€

In the present workshop, we introduce the principles of live coding from a critical perspective, so the attendees can start to practice and appropriate themselves of the techniques to use it in their own performances.

0. Introduction, a little history, basic concepts
1. Different types of languages ​​and programs, installation.
1. Basic functions.
2. Synths, Samples and algorithms generating sound material.
2.1 How to modify these algorithms in real time.
3. Basic structures applicable to a composition.
3.1 Final performance.

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Important info.:
– Participants must bring their computer with any operating system.
– We will use as base software Tidal.cycles you can find HERE the installation instructions. If you need help for the installation, drop us an email and / or come to Hangar any Thursday from 5pm to 8pm
– No previous musical or programming knowledge is necessary. (Although it can help!)
– We will have air conditioning!