Musical creation with live coding workshop

Lina Bautista and Iván Paz

Friday 6 – Saturday July 7 2018 (to start the summer)

5pm to 8pm
From 8:00 pm on Saturday open session to the public

Plató and Sala Ricson, Hangar

Cost: 30€

In the present workshop, we introduce the principles of live coding from a critical perspective, so the attendees can start to practice and appropriate themselves of the techniques to use it in their own performances.

0. Introduction, a little history, basic concepts
1. Different types of languages ​​and programs, installation.
1. Basic functions.
2. Synths, Samples and algorithms generating sound material.
2.1 How to modify these algorithms in real time.
3. Basic structures applicable to a composition.
3.1 Final performance.

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Important info.:
– Participants must bring their computer with any operating system.
– We will use as base software Tidal.cycles you can find HERE the installation instructions. If you need help for the installation, drop us an email and / or come to Hangar any Thursday from 5pm to 8pm
– No previous musical or programming knowledge is necessary. (Although it can help!)
– We will have air conditioning!


Hello! from now we have an space in Hangar, so we can investigate, play live, and develop projects around live coding and creative code!

If you have any question you can contact us: toplapbarcelona(at)hangar(dot)org